Focusing on the customer.
Right from the first moment.

In order to fulfil the high demands of the market we focus on maintaining close contact with our customers and a maximum level of flexibility and just-in-time delivery as well as premium product and development quality. We achieve this  by  a fair and open collaboration with our approved suppliers, regular in-house quality meetings and  our employee suggestion scheme. Constantly recurring audits and the annual certification in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 (Quality Management) ensure that all procedures are organised to maximum efficiency.

We do not  only consider our responsibility towards our business partners and employees, but also, and in particular, for the environment. Therefore we use the residual heat from the dye works wastewater  whilst also regaining energy from the exhaust air from our tenter frames. Furthermore Schoepf operates sedimentation tanks for the precipitation of  residual dye  from the wastewater.

Careful handling and  safe storage of less polluting chemicals ensures the best possible protection for the  environment. The measures taken concerning noise reduction complete our efforts to reduce emissions to a minimum. All that and the environmentally friendly disposal of our waste by approved companies underline the sustainable, resource-conserving environmental management of Schoepf. Audits, as well as the annual certification in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001 (Environmental Management), support our ecological endeavours.