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The medium-sized family business E. Schoepf GmbH was founded over 160 years ago, and today produces high-quality technical fabrics. As a system supplier, we manufacture fabrics for certified upholstery and curtains for the most prestigious brands in the automotive industry, for public transport companies (buses and trains), seat manufacturers and highly elastic and deep-drawable materials for the manufacturers of construction, industrial and agricultural vehicles worldwide.

What you can expect from our fabrics and our company:


Abrasion cycles1

2%, 12%, 15%, 17%, 22%, 34%, 37%, 42%, 55%, 58%, 62%, 71%, 87%, 96%, permanent

Flame retardant2


Made in Germany

1) Available on request in the rail sector
2) For many train and specific bus materials


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Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or comments. Messages via email or the contact form can also be processed outside our normal business hours. We look forward to your feedback!


Schoepf Protect Pro

“Schoepf Protect Pro“ is a permanent high-quality finish designed for
certified textile seat covers on buses and trains, on tractors, construction
machinery and forklifts, as well as seating inside buildings that can be applied
to a wide range of different textiles with the aid of a reverse coating process.
As the coating is applied to the reverse of the fabric, it never comes into
direct contact with the skin. We also offer our customers the option of
ordering this finish for fabrics that are already in use.


You will find detailed information here on our homepage.

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