Our product range, roughly 50% of which is exported, includes high-quality woven and Raschel velour using the dobby and Jacquard technique and flat-woven dobby and Jacquard fabrics that are used extensively in the automotive industry. Schoepf works with global rail and road vehicle manufacturers in the public vehicle transport segment to whom we supply mainly woven fabrics.

Schoepf's customer base also includes manufacturers of agricultural, construction and industrial vehicles, to whom we supply highly elastic and deep-drawable Raschel velour.

In addition to the abovementioned yard wares which are used as seat covers, side or ceiling coverings and curtains as a system supplier, our range of services also includes the supply ready-made textiles. We therefore provide finished curtains, head restraints and replacement seat covers to the vehicle industry and transport companies.

Our great expertise in textiles stems from the design competence of our highly qualified designers and our fully integrated production process. We therefore not only produce textile surfaces, but also refine them in-house, i.e. we apply colours and coatings, etc.

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