Company philosophy

We are shaping the future of textiles!

We can meet these high standards with over 163 years of company history, owned by one family during this time, with our extensive experience in the production of velour and other fabrics and the high level of commitment and expertise of our many long-standing employees. We are also one of the few textile companies to combine the entire fabric production process under one roof, from yarn preparation through weaving, dyeing to custom finishing.

Our product range consists mainly of certified seat upholstery and interior trim fabrics, curtains, hangings and upholstered furniture for the following sectors: bus, rail, offroad (construction and agricultural machinery, tractors, forklifts, etc.) and contract business (cinema, theatre, hotel) sectors.

The focus of all our activities is the fulfilment of customer requirements, because our customers are our future. Our objective is to forge long-term relationships with our customers who then become our partners. We conduct transparent and honest communication with customers and offer a high level of professional expertise and excellent social skills. know-how. The human element is particularly important to us besides the practical, customised client solution, and we strive to provide our customers with an optimum service through the efficient teamwork of our personnel.


We insist on quality to achieve this aim and, for us, quality comprises all the demands which customers place on our products; our recognised high level of design expertise, competitive market prices, service, reliable delivery, flexibility and innovative products for the future. Our focus on quality is therefore an integral part of all the processes at Schoepf.

We select our suppliers very carefully and implement meticulous quality control processes for our raw materials and production test steps. We carry out a 100% visual inspection at the end of the production process and extensive laboratory tests to maintain the high quality of our products. Numerous internal audits and a policy of continuous improvement ensure the safe operation and continuous improvement of our products and processes. Annual certifications in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 and RL 2014/90/EU (IMO) reliably document our advanced quality standards.

We guarantee strict compliance with all the relevant legislation, official requirements and the additional obligations we have assumed and our commitment to social sustainability are summarised in our Code of Conduct.

We take our commitment to and responsibility for environmental protection very seriously.

For example, we use the residual heat from our refining processes as far as possible to preheat process media when applying heat treatment in the refining procedure.

We pre-treat and monitor our waste water in-house and are able to introduce it directly into the local sewage system.

Careful handling and the secure storage of minimally polluting, all REACH-compliant chemicals ensure minimal environmental hazards. We also implement measures to reduce noise and to uphold our commitment to keep emissions to a minimum and thus meet our targets for environmental protection.

The above points and the environmentally safe disposal of our waste by certified companies highlight our sustainable, resource-efficient environmental management policy.

Regular audits and the annual certification in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001 consolidate our ecological commitment and ensure that we meet the relevant environmental protection standards. We are constantly seeking new and more environmentally friendly technologies and raw materials, and consistently strive to optimise our processes not only to ensure they are more economically efficient but to also boost our environmental performance.



The Executive Board

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