We love the environment!

We take our commitment to and responsibility for environmental protection very seriously. For example, we use the residual heat from our refining processes as far as possible to preheat process media when applying heat treatment in the refining procedure.

We pre-treat and monitor our waste water in-house and are able to introduce it directly into the local sewage system. Careful handling and the secure storage of minimally polluting, all REACH-compliant chemicals ensure minimal environmental hazards.

We also implement measures to reduce noise and to uphold our commitment to keep emissions to a minimum and thus meet our targets for environmental protection.

The above points and the environmentally safe disposal of our waste by certified companies highlight Schoepf’s sustainable, resource-efficient environmental management policy.

Regular audits and the annual certification in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001 consolidate our ecological commitment and ensure we meet the relevant environmental protection standards.

We are constantly seeking new and more environmentally friendly technologies and raw materials, and consistently strive to optimise our processes not only to ensure they are more economically efficient but to also boost our environmental performance.

Read more about our quality and environmental management policy:

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